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Run BIRT reports Run on-the-fly powerful reports developed with the popular Open Source BIRT Report Designer. Visioneo embeds the BIRT runtime v4.4!
Export reports Export reports in various formats including PDF, Excel and Powerpoint
Reports browser An elegant browser allows to navigate across uploaded reports, and then select which one should be associated to each portlet window. Thumbnail, Author, description fields are extracted from report design. 
Reports parameters Users can interact with parameters defined in birt reports from their portlet windows. 
Reports pagination Reports are paginated on server-side, following the rules defined in birt Eclipse designer
Drill in a same portlet window Drillthrough to a subreport within a same portlet window, using the native "Open in same frame" hyperlink option of birt. Visit this page describing how drill actions work
Drill in a popup dialog  Exclusive !   Drill to a subreport in a jquery UI dialog, using the native "Open in new frame" hyperlink option of birt! This feature is perfect for accessing to detailed informations of  report items. Visit this page describing how drill actions work
Connection pooling Specific care is taken with JDBC connection pooling. This should be your favorite way to access databases from birt reports. Visit this article for more informations.


UI settings Many UI options can be enabled & disabled through preferences mode. This configuration can be different for each portlet window. 
Persistent parameters  Exclusive !  Store persistently parameter values of your reports in preferences of a portlet window. This setup overrides default values defined in BIRT Eclipse designer. Please  see this article for more informations.
Advanced preferences Enable & disable advanced options for each portlet window:  SVG format (charts), logging and cache management
Responsive charts (From version 2.2) A portlet preference allows to enable responsive charts such in this example: resize your web-browser frame or switch the screen orientation of your tablet, the chart is dynamically resized!


Application Access Define from the control panel of your portal which user roles are allowed to access to Visioneo application, and which power users can access to Visioneo preferences
Access Control List   Exclusive   Access Control List (Liferay portals) is a facultative safeguard ensuring birt reports won't try to access resources they are not allowed to. Visit sandboxing PACL article for more informations
Data filters Filter your birt datasets using portal attributes such a user ID,  email, a custom portal field etc. 
Secured report parameters  Exclusive   A secured report parameter is always evaluated on server-side and can't be hacked by any user action. More informations here
Team permissions  Report team permissions (Liferay portals). Setup which user roles are allowed to move, edit, remove your birt reports using native portal permission features
Execution permissions  Exclusive   Execution permissions per folder (Liferay portals). Setup which user roles are allowed to execute birt reports using native portal permission features. Please see this article for more informations
Browser permissions Browser permissions (Liferay portals)
Membership security transparent report-access permissions based on portal sites membership 


Access user attributes in reports Access portal user attributes from BIRT reports. These attributes can be displayed in reports, or used as filters in birt datasets. Visit this article for more informations.
Access extended attributes Facilities to access to any Liferay,  Gatein & eXo user informations from your BIRT reports! These informations can be displayed in reports, or used as filters in birt datasets.
Access portlet session Access users portlet session from BIRT reports


File system repository Organize your BIRT reports as a standard File system repository
Dynamic report path  Exclusive   Dynamic report path: administrators are free to move reports as they like across server folders: this won't break existing portlet links nore drillthrough actions!
Portal repository

Portal repository (Liferay only). Publish birt reports into the native document library of your portal. Thus we take advantage of awesome native portal features to manage reports, such versioning & permissions! Visit this article for more informations

Repository portlet Simple and powerful portlet allowing to check, test and store the location of your BIRT repository for each site of the portal! More informations in this article
Draft mode  & Workflow  Exclusive  Take advantage of the native workflow of your portal to approve new versions of report-designs with Visioneo draft mode! More informations here
BIRT repository per web-site

 Exclusive   Define a separate BIRT repository for each web-site of the portal ! 

Dynamic repositories Changes through the configuration portlet are 100% dynamic
BIRT resources in portal folder  Version 3.2  (Liferay only) Publish birt resources (background images, libraries, translation files, javascript resources etc.) into the native document library of your portal!

TOOLBAR PORTLET    Version 3.2 

Toolbar portlet Elegant, responsive and flexible toolbar portlet allowing to run visioneo actions
Toolbar preferences Toolbar actions can be setup for each portlet window through preferences
Export shortcuts Ergonomic export callback: the download links are directy displayed below the toolbar when they are ready


Pagination portlet Superb pagination portlet can be dragged from the control panel of your portal
Pagination preferences Pagination portlet preferences


Dialog parameters An elegant parameters dialog can be invoked from Visioneo toolbar, or from your custom porlets
Datepicker Report parameters defined as a "Date" datatype in Eclipse designer are automatically displayed by Visioneo with a jquery UI Datepicker. Visit this example.
jQuery UI widgets & themes Parameters are displayed using various jQuery UI widgets. We can easily create a custom theme, please visit this theme-switcher page to see 20 popular jquery themes in action!
Accordion widget When report parameters are organized within groups, an ergonomic accordion widget can be enabled through portlet preferences. For example, check parameters toolbar option of this report  to see this widget in action. 
External parameters  Exclusive   Each report parameter can be displayed in a separate portlet window and take advantage of specific portlet preferences. This feature is perfect to build pages dedicated to tablets and smartphones, or to highlight the most important parameters of a report. Please visit this example.
Cascading groups

Cascading groups allow to navigate across different levels of parameters. Please visit this page for more informations. 

 Version 3.0 : (*) this feature is now included in community edition!

Server-side autocomplete

Server-side autocomplete: design a combobox parameter with a virtually unlimited list of selection items! Visit this example to see it in action

 Version 3.0 : (*) this feature is now included in community edition!

Helptext icon in parameter dialog HelpText properties set in BIRT report parameters can be accessed with touch devices through an elegant help icon
URL parameters

 Version 3.0 : Set report parameters through portal URLs. Visit this article for more informations


Highlight parameters Highlight the most important parameters of a report by externalizing them in separate portlet windows
Tablets & Smartphones External parameters allow to reduce dramatically the number of clicks for the most important parameters of a report. They are optimized both for desktop and for mobile devices!
Specific display preferences Each external parameter window has its own preferences, allowing to customize the size and the type of widget to be used. For example, we can dynamically convert a standard combobox parameter into an autocomplete field from these preferences!
Custom Events Custom parameter events are especially useful if you want to take advantage of the most powerful Visioneo parameters such cascading groups and server-side autocomplete in your own portlet applications. 
External Helptext icon HelpText properties set in BIRT report parameters can be accessed with touch devices through an elegant help icon, next to each external parameter label


Development kit

A development kit containing resources allowing to develop interactive diagrams in Eclipse birt designer. 

(*) For development and tests only

Treemaps html5  A simple Java API offers facilities to design html5 treemaps through BIRT scripts 
Organization charts html5  A simple Java API offers facilities to design html5 organization charts through BIRT scripts 
Interactive trees A simple Java API offers facilities to design html5 interactive trees and hypertrees through BIRT scripts 


Cache metadata Reports designs are cached through the leading Ehcache framework
Cache BIRT documents  Exclusive   Reports outputs generated by BIRT are cached using Ehcache. A such document is displayed in a sub-second time. Visit this article for more informations.
Facultative  Exclusive   A portlet preference allows to control for each portlet window, if generated reports should be cached or not!
Shared across users  Exclusive   Cache entries are shared across users
Cache & Concurrent access  Exclusive   A same report requested by multiple users at the same time is generated only once! See "parallelism" section of this article for more informations.
Expiration time setup A configuration file "ehcache.xml" controls the expiration time of each cache
Persistency setup We can define if these caches should be persistent when the portal is restarted (by default they are not)
Admin dialog A specific UI dialog allows admin users to refresh caches on-demand
JMX control If a JMX service is enabled on your application server, Visioneo allows you to control caches from a JMX console


Standard IPC events Standard Inter-Portlet Communication (IPC) events
External toolbar  Visioneo offers facilities to open UI dialogs from a custom portlet. See this example
Ajax events Ajax events allow to send parameter values from a custom portlet to a report window without refreshing the whole page. Check this article to see how to send ajax events.
Parameters events Custom parameter events are especially useful if you want to take advantage of the most powerful Visioneo parameters such cascading groups and server-side autocomplete in your own portlet applications.  More informations here
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